Spider-Man Team-Up

 SMTU   (Marvel, 1995-1997)

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Throughout the seventies and eighties, a series called Marvel Team-Up paired Spider-Man with another Marvel hero to do battle against the villain of the month. Ironically, the team-up formula was conceived because there was great worry in the Marvel offices that Spider-Man, already the star of The Amazing Spider-Man, might not be able to hold down a second monthly series all by himself. Today, with Spidey appearing in a half-dozen or more series at once, these worries seem almost quaint.

It was a bit of a blast from the past when Marvel introduced the modern-day version of Marvel Team-Up in 1995. Entitled Spider-Man Team-Up, this title is a giant-sized, quarterly version of the old MTU formula, with Spider-Man joining with heroes like Doctor Strange of the Incredible Hulk to face down the bad guys in two different stories each month.

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Takes place before Spectacular Spider-Man #222 & X-Force #49Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, Scott LobdellKen Lashley


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52 pagesGeorge Pérez, Roger SternTom Grindberg

#2 Variation A

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Roger Stern Autographed Edition; Includes C.O.A. (Hero Bot Con 2012)George Pérez, Roger SternTom Grindberg


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52 pagesDan JurgensBob McLeod


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68 pagesGeorge PérezSteve Geiger, Darick Robertson, Dan Jurgens, Brandon McKinney


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68 pagesDarick Robertson, Glenn Greenberg, Steve GerberDarick Robertson, James W. Fry III


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Minor price increaseLarry Hama, J.M. DeMatteis, Marv WolfmanDietrich Smith, Bob McLeod


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52 pagesKurt BusiekSal Buscema

Book #1

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Collects Spider-Man TeamUp #1-5Todd DezagoValentine DeLandro