Batman: Toyman

 BH7S   (DC, 1998-1999)

ô and © DC Comics

Batman is the bane of criminals everywhere. Winslow Percival Schott is Toyman, a psychotic ex-toy maker who hates the world and toy companies for their perceived slights against children. Toyman, usually a thorn in Supermanís side, comes to Gotham city to murder an Internet porn actress. He does so, leaving the womanís deaf/mute nephew Tyler alive. Tyler, who also happens to be a young computer whiz, proceeds to help Batman track down the villain.

This four-issue mini-series uses a different narrator in each book to tell the story. Gotham cop Harvey Bullock tells part one. Toyman, showing Batman as an exaggerated, cartoonish enemy, narrates part two. Part three is told from the perspective of Tyler, so there is no sound or dialogue. Batman himself narrates part four. While writer Larry Hama injects this unique narration element, the plot has every device but the kitchen sink thrown in and an ending that feels both rushed and forced.

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