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Witchblade/Wolverine is a slightly more balanced pairing than Darkness/The Incredible Hulk. It’s more than sharp weapons and names that start with “W.” Wolverine, to most people, is just one of The X-Men: not as big a headliner as, say, Batman. Witchblade has that whole TV thing going on. So it probably makes more sense to potential impulse buyers than giving the TV–movie star Hulk second billing to the non-TV-movie star Darkness.

How is it? A bit rushed. Readers join Logan and Sara clearly mid–story. Neither readers nor they have any idea how the story got to this point, and everyone has to pick it up as the story progresses.

The art is nice, although backgrounds are frequently MIA. Colorist Beth Sotelo makes up for it nicely, although many panels appear to be occurring during different multi–colored sunsets.

Claremont leaves readers with a few unanswered questions at the end, but no matter. It’s a fun ride while it lasts. Stretching it out to answer all the questions would have watered down the frenetic pace that makes it so enjoyable.

— Jack Abramowitz

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