Hari Kari Resurrection

 HAKY   (Blackout, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Blackout Comics, Inc.

Kari Sun was the guardian of her clan’s sacred sword and was destined to become the savior of mankind. But before she could achieve her destiny, she was the victim of a brutal date rape which split her consciousness into four different parts: her inner child, feminine side, beast, and warrior personas.

By the start of this one-shot, Kari had managed to reintegrate all of these except her warrior and feminine selves. While the demonic forces of Lord Black gather strength, she encounters her feminine persona while drifting through a sort of spiritual netherworld. What follows is an exposition-laden fight between Kari and the inexplicably blonde “woman in her.” The predictable result is the reintegration of this in her persona, as well as the skewering of several demons.

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 Tom VirkaitisTommy Castillo