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This one’s cool, pulpy, and old-school. Preston Trent is the grandson of businessman Garrison Trent. Preston has reigned for years as a hero of Meridian City to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Garrison’s former partner, the evil businessman Carter Lang.

Though this is the origin, there’s really not that sense of politics or business in this comic book. This is no Cla$$war. Instead, it’s a pulpy super-hero story starring Silverado, a guy with a cool hat, domino mask, and a shoulder holster.

In this introductory tale, Silverado’s pitted against The Popcorn Man, who brings movie monsters to life for his own evil purposes. Fred Reyes, penciller and creator of Silverado, has a clean, animated style. Reyes has a background in storyboarding, so this is no surprise. The story’s only 16 pages long, and there’s no #2 in the near future, so the fact that it ends on a cliffhanger is a little irritating. Here’s hoping Reyes will get the chance to continue his tale someday.

— Steve Horton

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B&WAndrew WarrenFred Reyes, Mike Collins