The Workshop

    (Blue Comet, 1995)
ô and © 1995 Blue Comet

Also known as Craig Stormonís The (Devilís) Workshop, this black-and-white mini-series is for mature readers. Readers of L.I.F.E. Brigade and Rough Raiders will be pleased with this splatter tale.

Blaze, Windraven and Shandazar were members of the Rough Raiders Alliance from a future where Earth had been invaded and nearly destroyed by the Vandanese. In a freak accident, the three ladies were transported back in time where they hope their presence will make a difference and change their own doomed history. But while visiting Paris, the girls become involved in a deadly cult where drugs, sex, and human sacrifice are only the beginning of something much more sinister.

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B&W; ca.1995Craig A. Stormon, Paul H. BirchRich Bonk