ILIA   (Amaze Ink, 1997-1998)

™ and ©1997 Darren Brady and Alex Ogle
Anthology; B&W

In the futuristic city-state of Krete, ancient tales are given new life in this story of tyranny, betrayal, and monsters. Powerful King Minos rules the known world with bitterness and a brutal hand, backed by the power of the mysterious creature known as the Minotech. But not all are willing to bow before Minos’ fist.

Unwilling to be part of the human sacrifice required of all conquered nations, young Prince A’Tum offers to battle the Minotech in exchange for his people’s freedom.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Eve discovers the role of Minos and his creature in the death of her mother and in the exile of her father Daedales, Krete’s designer and one-time technological wizard. She, too, vows to destroy the fearsome beast, and to make Minos pay for his evil deeds.

Individually, they have no chance for survival, but together they may set in motion the necessary events needed to restore Krete to its former glory.

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 Alex Ogle, Darren BradyAlex Ogle, Darren Brady

#1 Variation A

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White cover; Anthology; B&WAlex Ogle, Darren BradyAlex Ogle, Darren Brady


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 Alex Ogle, Darren BradyAlex Ogle, Darren Brady