Magicman (A+)

    (A+, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Roger Broughton/Sword in Stone Productions

There is definitely some kind of magic working here…a somewhat typical but interesting super-hero born in the Silver Age who had at best a modest following and a relatively short life span in print, comes back from comic book oblivion in feature reprint series—twice! Just what is it about Magicman and his adventures that defies the deterioration of the paper his stories were originally printed on?

Magicman was introduced within the pages of ACG’s anthology series Forbidden Worlds, a series that ran from the early 50s through most of the 60s. In 1991, A-Plus Comics published this title reprinting his fantastic adventures. Later still, in 1999, Avalon brings Magicman back again in another reprint series.

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 Richard HughesPete Costanza