(Alternative, 2003)
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In this book’s introduction, indy creator Sam Henderson speaks of his desire to pull together a number of his peers for a small-press humor anthology such as this one. Although his vision was never realized, fellow creator Graham Annable (Grickle) had a similar idea, and Annable was able to assemble a collection of works that resulted in this volume.

Despite making it to publication, though, Annable’s vision also remains unrealized, because this compilation, simply put, isn’t very funny. Annable’s work has proven itself capable of generating yuks in the past, but the efforts from stablemates like David Bogan, Paul Brown, and Scott Campbell just doesn’t match up. Most of the short passages are amusing but don’t quite click. Many read like fourth-grade attempts at humor that lack any kind of climax or punchline. And the recurring use of toilet gags and juvenile sexual references don’t help.

Annable’s judgment as an editor seems impaired, possibly because he allowed his day job co-workers to contribute. Some of these guys are clearly not ready for prime time, and Annable doesn’t seem to have the guts to say so. This is a disappointing collection from a publisher who usually knows better.

— Jim Johnson

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