BLO3   (Epitaph, 1996)

™ and ©1995 Pat Wojtowicz

You’ve heard of werewolf, but have you ever heard of were-jaguar? In this full color comic there are two of them—demigods of an ancient Chavin cult brought back to life and fated to make war with each other here in the contemporary world amongst hapless humankind. (Sadly, you won’t see much of this war because the title consists of a single issue only).

The first to arise is Bloodfang, a warrior preserved for one purpose: to kill the other of his kind—his own sister, Jade—a deadly yet beautiful woman whose sole desire is to be worshiped as she was in ages past. While Bloodfang’s resurrection was automatic—triggered by his sibling’s rebirth—Jade’s resurrection was brought about by a sacrificial ceremony (the sequence, though not graphic, has its chilling moments). And Jade’s reward to her human benefactors comes swiftly: she slays them and drinks their blood!

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 D. Edward DavisGreg Bokenstette, Scott Rosema


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 D. Edward Davis