Sandman Presents: Lucifer

 SAPL   (Vertigo, 1999)

and 1999 DC Comics

When we last saw Lucifer Morningstar, he was managing a piano bar in Los Angeles, (having relinquished his proprietorship of Hell to Morpheus in Sandman #23.) As this three-issue mini-series begins, he is approached by an agent of Heaven to intercede in a situation that threatens the stability of creation. An unknown power has begun granting the trivial wishes of humans. Heaven realizes that the nature of human desire will soon have us destroy ourselves. The Almighty cannot stand by and let that happen and yet is unwilling to be directly involved. Lucifer Morningstar represents a third option. Allied with the reluctant and bewildered descendant of a Navajo shaman, the former Prince of Hell attempts to save us from ourselves.

Like The Girl Who Would Be Death, or Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold, the rich legacy that Neil Gaiman left to DC with the Sandman series continues to be a fertile source of material.

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