Precious Metal

    (Arts Industria, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Arts Industria

This black and white one-shot is definitely for mature readers since it contains nudity and graphic depictions of sex. The plot is fairly simple: Maggie is looking for a lover who can… um… go the distance, and she thinks she’s found the perfect solution to her problem with a robotic paramour. However, problems occur when he is unable to leave her alone, and Maggie cannot find a moment’s peace. While a bit amusing, this black-and-white one-shot is pretty much a one-note—a single joke that goes on for nineteen pages. The simple lines of the artwork are reminiscent of the Hernandez Brothers (Love and Rockets) and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), but this comic book is not for the faint of heart.

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Adult; B&W