(Blue Sky Blue, 1992-1994)
™ and © 1992 Jo Duffy and Maya Sakamoto

It was a rough mission for the “Birds of Prey” secret military team. Two of their number are dead and another dying, while a madman dictator still has a nuclear device in his possession. And as the surviving members try to hang on and plan another attack, they are reminded grimly of their own mortality—and of the innocents, including their families, that they are fighting to save.

These are the characters in this deeply thoughtful series, written by Jo Duffy and drawn in a manga style by Maya Sakamoto. But that’s not all; issues also feature such added elements as a text story from Duffy accompanied by full-page illustrations by Colleen Doran. Published by Duffy’s own Blue Sky Blue company.

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B&WMary Jo DuffyColleen Doran, Maya Sakamoto


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B&WMary Jo DuffyMaya Sakamoto