Robotech: Class Reunion

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and ©1985, 1998 Harmony Gold U.S.A./Tatsunoko Productions Co.

This double-sized adventure features the freedom-fighters of Robotech—Scott, Lancer, Rand, Annie, Lunk, and Rook—meeting up with one of Scott’s old schoolmates, Brooks, in their never-ending battle against the Invid warriors who have taken over the earth. But is Brooks, who Scott acknowledges had been a fierce rival when the two trained together for an earth reclamation mission years previously, a friend or a foe? Scott’s teammates, necessarily on their guard in a war-torn world where Invid patrols are everywhere, and some loyalties can be bought, aren’t so sure.

A black-and-white one-shot from Antarctic Press, Robotech: Class Reunion explores the relationships between characters to whom nothing is more important than trust. As the leader, Scott must determine where to place his faith, and that decision will teach him a powerful lesson about honor and responsibility. If he chooses poorly, a teammate might pay the ultimate price. The tale is written and drawn by Greg Lane.

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