League of Super Groovy Crimefighters

    (Ancient, 2000-2001)
™ and ©2000 Ancient Studios

This brightly colored title from Ancient Studios flashes back to the swinging years of the 1970s and those bizarre ads for lame novelty items that used to litter comic books. For example, bow-and-arrow sets, martial-arts-training-by-mail, mood rings, x-ray spectacles, bodybuilding courses, croquet mallets, electronics-degrees-by-mail, etc. In this hipster universe, those items and offers worked far better than some of their purchasers could have ever dreamed, inspiring them to band together as the League of Super Groovy Crimefighters and rid New York City of injustice. Funny—if somewhat crudely drawn—this title revisits the slang, the fashions, and the blaxploitation of a bygone era.

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1st Appearance of Atlas (crimefighter); 1st appearance of Black Belt; 1st appearance of Cupid; 1st appearance of Mr. Phenomenal; 1st appearance of The Ring; 1st appearance of Thor (Crimefighter); 1st appearance of XStephen KensonMitch Massey


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Published after #3, but dated before; B&W  


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