Small Press Swimsuit Spectacular

    (Allied, 1995)
™ and © Allied

Many of the best of the small press pool their efforts here in this special black-and-white one-shot to benefit the American Cancer Society—they provide provocative pinups of their latest and greatest creations. Project co-ordinator Bob Elinskas writes that you would probably never find “a bunch of people so dedicated to the medium of comics or as true to their own visions as you will in the realm of small press publishing.”

Some of the creators represented in this book are Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil), Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise), Teri S. Wood (Wandering Star), B.C. Boyer (Hilly Rose) and Mike Pascale (Bru-Hed). There are many others.

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Pin-ups; Benefit comic for American Cancer SocietyBob ElinskasAustin Janowsky, B.C. Boyer, Barry Blair, Bill Jankowski, Brad W. Foster, Charles Barnett, Colleen Doran, Dan Reed, Delfin Barral, Donald Simpson, Eric Hess, Evan Dorkin, Fred Hembeck, Greg Hyland, Jeff Wasson, Keelan Vancata, Lawrence “Gryphon” Klimecki, Tyim Courts, Steve Ellis, Matt Feazell, Max Ink, Phil Juliano, Matthew Kelleigh, Richie Prosch, Randy Reynaldo, Tim Tobolski, Monte Wilson, Teri S. Wood