Ms. Victory Special

 MSVS   (AC, 1985)

ô Americomics, ©1985 AC Comics

Ms. Victory is a unique comic in that the heroine is none other than a full-fledged grandmother. The funny thing is that her daughter and granddaughter have no idea of her super-hero identity. They think that she is a government scientist who works on very delicate experiments as a matter of national security. When she leaves her family to fight crime, she wears a low-cut top and a mini-skirt as a costume. Nobody ever dreams that an old grandma is behind the mask. She wants to tell her daughter, but she just canít seem to do it, for the sake of her familyís safety.

This special edition was published in 1985 by AC Comics, well-known for their line of female super-hero comics such as Femforce, a team which Ms. Victory leads.

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1 copy available for $1.25
Versus Mitre; ca. 1985Phil WhiteCynthia Martin