Latigo Kid Western

    (AC, 1988)
Americomics, 1988 AC Comics

This series presents classic Western cowboy yarns, in some cases by reworking and altering reprinted material.

In the 1870s, Charlie Starrett discovers that he has special abilities. He eventually becomes a sideshow sharpshooter called the Latigo Kid. A paranormal gunfighter of the west, he sets out on his own to use his abilities in the war against rogues and criminals.

Sometimes joined by other classic Western characters, such as Redmask of the Rio Grande, the beautiful Black Phantom, and the Durango Kid, Starrett uses his guns and his fists to clean up town after town.

As an example of the series, Latigo Kid Western issue number one was created by Bill Black by reworking three short Billy the Kid stories originally created by John Severin, into a book-length feature in which Latigo Kid faces Big Morton Flagg and his henchmen.

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