Hari Kari Private Gallery

 HKPG   (Blackout, 1996)

™ and ©1996 Blackout Comics

If the disgraceful lowest-common-denominator pandering of the regular Hari Kari titles wasn’t sordid enough, here’s the private gallery. It features our heroine provocatively posed in assorted stages of undress for you to drool over. Even worse than the exploitation is an ad for a future comic using rape as a selling point. The saddest aspect of all is that Gene Colan is involved in this sorry mess, presumably via a convention sketch solicited with little hint of its eventual publication.

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Commemorative Cover; ca. 1996 Bill Maus, Bob Berry, Brock L. Hor Jr., Chris Berkeley, Dan Day, Dave Gutierrez, David Day, Eben Matthews, Fauve, Fred Galpern, Gene Colan, Jake Jacobsen, Jeff, Joe Phillips, Jonathan D. Smith, Mark McKenna, Mike Lilly, Mike Ocming, Tim Vigil