Transmetropolitan: Tales of Human Waste

    (Vertigo, 2004)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

Spider Jerusalem is an angry, pessimistic, cynical, drug-addled, in-your-face iconoclast who makes a living as a journalist/social critic. The series ran for five years chronicling his exploits in a dystopian future. This volume collects the two prestige one-shot Transmetropolitan specials, “I Hate It Here” and “Filth of the City” as well as what can be called a Christmas story in only the most indulgent sense of the term, “Edgy Winter” from Vertigo’s Winter’s Edge 2.

Since Jerusalem is a journalist, the series writer, Warren Ellis, took the opportunity to use these specials to feature Jerusalem’s succinct opinions. The diatribes are accompanied by illustrations from the pantheon of current comic artists with styles are as varied as the whimsical offerings of Judd Winick or Brandon Graham to the dark moody visions of Timothy Bradstreet or Bill Seinkiewicz. The single constant is Jerusalem’s anti-social, accusatory observations about life, which define the character.

— George Haberberger

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Collects I Hate it Here, Filth of the City, Vertigo: Winter’s EdgeWarren Ellis 

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 Warren Ellis