DAET   (Caliber, 1996-1997)

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Long ago, the Numenians harnessed the energy from a neighboring star system that was composed of a number of dead worlds and a singular enigma—a tremendous black sun that they dubbed “Ebonous Prime.” The power the Numenians drew from Ebonous Prime propelled them into the Age of Enlightenment, when the study of this inexplicable source of energy merged the precision of science and the mystery of magic. But that was just the beginning. Over time, the energy of Ebonous Prime became a deadly force called the Daemonstorm that rocked the Numenians’ world with powerful earthquakes, storms, and gravitational surges. The Daemonstorm was also marked by the violent attacks of mutated aberrations called “Daemons.” An elite fighting force called the StormWalkers opposed the Daemonstorm and its products, but their efforts were too little, too late: the Daemonstorm’s consumption of the life-force of the world it had propelled into the future was done.

But what if the Daemonstorm returned to wreak havoc? What if it was summoned by worshippers of its dark power? Tough-talking StormWalker Cassian LaBounty and the mysterious Kiri hope to keep that from happening in this lead-in to Daemonstorm: StormWalker.

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Partial colorJoe MartinDon Hillsman

Ashcan #1

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Preview of upcoming seriesJoe MartinDon Hillsman