(Image, 1999-2000)
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Every teenager has problems. But none of them come close to Blue’s. Blue, a teenager in the distant future who lives on a mining planet, the Core, is not your average young adult. Blue is an android with powers even she doesn’t comprehend. All she does know is that her parents are dead, her Uncle Cyrus who looks after her is secretly a robot hunter, and that there are people who want to control her. But with the help of the mysterious Jacob, Blue is slowly learning her role in a conspiracy much bigger than anything she could possibly imagine. Combining the adolescent angst of such comics as the Teen Titans with the science fiction action of epics like Blade Runner, Blue is a classic coming of age story told against a futuristic background. Arguably the most notable thing about Blue lies in its production. The comic eschews standard computer coloring for hand painted pages.

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 Greg AronowitzDrew Struzan, Edwin Rosell, Greg Aronowitz, Jason Johnson


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 Greg AronowitzEdwin Rosell, Greg Aronowitz, Jason Johnson