OZF5: Gale Force

    (Alias, 2005)
™ and © Alias Enterprises, LLC

That’s Gale Force, as in Dorothy Gale, from The Wizard of Oz. But this Dorothy doesn’t fret and whine and sing pretty songs. She’s an ass-kicking Lara Croft femme fatale who throws attitude and takes names.

Another derivation of the public domain property that keeps on giving, OZF5 reinvents the Oz idiom in a way that’s at once wholly unexpected and totally obvious—as an action/adventure pastiche with blockbuster pretensions.
Toting a bazooka, and teamed-up with a Scarecrow-cum-ninja, muscular mecha Tin Man, and Lion colossus, Dorothy and crew rampage through Oz on a collision course with destiny, featuring full-color art by Ryan Ottely, Bob Coker and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

— Leland Burrill

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 Ramon MadrigalRyan Ottley, Bob Coker, Paul Harding, Alfredo Lopez Jr., Jim Sullivan, G. A. Perkins, Cal Slayton, Jake Parker