Blue Inferior

    (ADV Manga, 2004)
™ and © 1999 Kyoko Shitou

Environmental collapse has turned most of the world into barely inhabitable deserts except for oases called blessed lands. These blessed lands are carefully hidden to keep from being overrun by “mutant sub-humans” living in the polluted deserts. According to popular belief, sub-humans are so contaminated that their touch is deadly to real humans.

Kazuya Misaki is an adventurous 14-year-old in the seacoast blessed land of Liber. When he finds a girl, Marine, unconscious on the beach, he thinks she may be a refugee from a blessed land that has been destroyed by sub-humans. Kazuya tries to introduce Marine into Liber’s community and is outraged when the leaders fear she may be a sub-human and imprison her—she is obviously not a poisonous mutant! Kazuya becomes determined to help her escape. But he has not been told the truth about sub–humans and the world outside Liber and he finds himself enmeshed in dark adult politics. Blue Inferior is reminiscent of the polluted world of Miyazaki’s Nausicaä with an attractive undersea coral–reef setting.

— Fred Patten

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