Patrick the Wolf Boy Collection

 PTWC   (Blindwolf, 2002)

™ and © Blindwolf Studios

He’s the tousle-headed kid with fangs and the bizarro Charlie Brown T-shirt who chases squirrels and eats fireflies. Hilariously oblivious to the consequences of his own antics, Patrick the Wolf Boy makes the reader howl right along with him.

Creators Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani make the most of a simple idea by keeping it just that: simple. The panels are few, the art is plain, the words are minimal, and the mix is perfect. The concept draws upon elements that have made other strips great: the innocence of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts, the poor hapless parents à la Calvin and Hobbes, and the trademark repetitive gags from both. One of the best ongoing jokes is seeing just exactly what Patrick will bring his teacher every time in lieu of an apple.

Most of the stories are one or two pages long and are read very quickly. The only downside is that it’s over too quickly, as many well-done projects are. This is very funny stuff, and most of the jokes can be appreciated by both kids and adults.

— Jim Johnson

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Reprint published by D3 Digest; B&WArt Baltazar, Franco AurelianiArt Baltazar


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B&WArt Baltazar, Franco AurelianiArt Baltazar