(Atlas, 1975)
™ and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Michael Fleisher’s metal-mouthed barbarian hero made Conan seem like a New Man. Between threatening to kill children, de rigueur monster-slaying and the attempted rape of his sister, Ironjaw tries to claim his rightful kingdom from some Central Casting tyrants. Artist Pablo Marcos decorates said kingdom with numerous scantily clad lovelies ripe for ravishing. Pretty enough to look at, but some of the dialogue is so deliberately provocative it becomes funny. Most likely to say: “I like a woman with spirit. For the wilder the filly, the better the ride.” Least likely to say: ”Can I have another piece of quiche?” ~FJ

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1st Appearance of IronjawMichael FleisherMike Sekowsky


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 Michael FleisherPablo Marcos


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 Michael FleisherPablo Marcos


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Origin of IronjawGary FriedrichPablo Marcos