The First King Adventure

 FIKA   (ADV Manga, 2005)

™ and © Moyamu Fujino

Finding a manga that’s like nothing else being published in America is a difficult proposition, but, with a very clean art style and attractive characters, First King Adventures is just that. In it, Valume Lune Titlu, a boy from another dimension, drops in on modern Japan accompanied by the illusion–casting mirror spirit Alamine (looking for all the world like Pikachu’s twin brother).

They’re on a quest to make contracts with various “masters of spirit,” the first of whom appears to them as a giant wolf and each of whom gives him a portion of a symbol. When Valume has it in its entirety, he can become king. Helping him on his quest is a group of school kids who seem more than willing to accept what amounts to a fairy–tale character without so much as blinking.

It’s how the creator weds the fantastic to the mundane that makes this series; he has a flair for capturing kids, the rhythm of their lives, their relationships with each other, and how they talk among themselves.

— S.A. Bennett

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Graphic novel; 184 pages; Read right to left; B&WMoyamu FujinoMoyamu Fujino


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Graphic novel; Read right to left; B&WMoyamu FujinoMoyamu Fujino