(ADV Manga, 2004)
™ and © Takahiro Seguchi
Reads right to left, Graphic novel, B&W

Gisuke is the 18–year–old undisputed king of the losers but inexplicably receives a reprieve from the unceasing hell that is his life in the form of Sofia, a simple–minded six–foot–tall Russian maid. Along with putting herself in his service, she presents him with a talisman, one of 15 needed to become CEO of the all–powerful Dragoon conglomerate. Although there’s disturbing domination imagery, here’s another maid manga where the character isn’t so much a sexual fetish figure as she is an obliging mother substitute.

Sofia, the only one in the whole world to recognize his deeply hidden worth, is a walking wish–fulfillment fantasy who, along with cooking and cleaning, provides Gisuke with endless encouragement. The series is half goofy comedy and half fight drama, as other contenders to the throne appear (naturally, with maids of their own) to challenge him—but fails to score high marks in either genre. Although Enmusu is desperate to please, beneath all its surface sweetness, it tries to justify intolerable cruelty with a coal black view of humanity.

— S.A. Bennett

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Reads right to left; Graphic novel; B&WTakahiro SeguchiTakahiro Seguchi