Lost and Found Season of the Most PopeJoey (Vol. 1)

 LAF1   (Abbane, 2001)

™ and © Toc Fetch

"I have always been fascinated by our curious ability to read entire stories out of single images," says series creator, Toc Fetch. He then gives the reader the opportunity to face that challenge, and the result is a comic book that means very different things to different people. Full-page pictures of a young boy (Pope Joey himself?) and lengthy text passages suggest that the author died and returned to life, while oblique collages of animals fill the comic. Readers must keep on their toes to avoid becoming lost, or stick with one suggestion—for example, the notion that Pope Joey represents the soul—and follow it through as best they can.

This challenging work offers some beautiful imagery and complex ideas, gambling that the art and message won't get lost in a hard–to–follow delivery.

— Andy Richardson

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