Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead

 HSGD   (Devil’s Due, 2004)

™ and © 2004 Tim Seeley & Stefano Caselli

There’s got to be some satire at play here. There’s got to be. Devil’s Due wouldn’t commission some stone–dead beautiful art from Fedrica Manfredi for what amounts to a standard slasher B–comic. To be sure, Tim Seeley’s on to some enjoyable work, and if the moments that play like satire are intended as such, then it’s a fine book. It’s just hard to believe that with a certainty when the comic has moments like the bizarre effects of alcohol in the Hack/Slash universe. Assuming main character Cassie Hack can get that deep into a Long Island iced tea without noticing the alcohol, why does she let her inebriated state continue to dictate the actions she’s protesting in her head? Drunks almost universally get more resolute, not more conflicted. Anyway, it’s no match for Laura, the Catholic school girl driven mad by her boyfriend’s infidelity, tightening her hold on Christian moralizing while adopting demonic rituals to raise pederast clergymen to kill at her bidding. See? Tim Seeley’s just got to be scripting tongue–in–cheek here. An interesting read in any case, definitely worth printing for the art, with the bonus off–kilter story.

— Brendan McGinley

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