Cursed Worlds Source Book

    (Blue Comet, 1994)
™ and © 1994 Blue Comet Press

Most of the titles from Blue Comet Press depict Earth as a planet devastated by nuclear war, subjugated by alien invaders, and even over-run by the return of prehistoric dinosaurs. The stories and characters from these Cursed Worlds span several periods in Time, from the far-flung future to the past of World War II and centering around the relative present of the 1990’s.

This source book includes informational stats and original artwork on many of BCP’s major characters and groups, including Deathrow, the Rough Raiders, X-187, the Bladesmen, the Iron Cupcakes, and Zorann the Star-Warrior. It provides a brief breakdown that attempts to sort out the confusing continuity between the various titles, and also includes a short X-187 story, “Twisted Delusions.”

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