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EnForce is the first comic from independent Reoccurring Images Publishing Group. Its story begins on January 26, 2015, when an alien spacecraft crash lands on Earth. The alien pilot was wounded horribly in the crash, yet managed to crawl from the wreckage. He was discovered by authorities and rushed to California City General Hospital in an effort to save his life.

When the emergency room crew attempted to examine the alien with a new “snapshot X-Ray apparatus,” the alien suddenly exploded. Everyone in the room (and a lawyer who had been lurking outside) was thrown to the floor. When they arose, they began to discover they had acquired strange new powers. Most would learn to use their new abilities for good, but the lawyer—a shyster named Ronald Whitehouse—saw his new powers as a chance to impose his loathsome will on humanity.

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1st Appearance of EnForce; Origin of EnForce  


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