Hellina: Taking Back the Night

 HTBN   (Lightning, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Joseph A. Zyskowski

The Satan-worshiping cult known as the Seventh Day has been engaged in human sacrifice, defiling graves, and other depravities in their service to the dark side. Here they even used the body of Hellina’s one true love, Michael Nayman, to bring forth a new demon known as Despair. Hellina, with the help of the otherworldly Perg, must strike back at these cultists in order to save the lives of several youngsters, as well as Hellina’s own soul.

Hellina’s fight against evil continues in this one-shot title (which is actually just part of a longer battle story which continues in Hellina: Kiss of Death #1). Hellina: Taking Back the Night also came in a limited edition with a nude cover—obviously not for sale to minors.

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3 copies available from $1.32
 Steven ZyskowskiTerral Lawrence

#1 Variation A

2 copies available from $33.00
Nude EditionSteven ZyskowskiTerral Lawrence