Magic Priest

 MAG6   (Antarctic, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Barry Lyga and Neil Googe

Father Crowe is a Magic Priest: a member of the Vatican elite who can employ both the power of faith, and certain supernatural abilities such as flying and casting magical bolts. Crowe, whose own parents were murdered when he was a small child, has been assigned the task of finding the killer of Rudolpho Matería, a wealthy Church contributor. Immediate friends and family had been cleared of suspicion, leaving Crowe with almost no place to start. When he investigated the crime scene, however, he found a telltale clue: a shard of glass fused in a particular way—an aftereffect of being shattered by a magical bolt. In a sudden realization, Crowe knew that the killer was a Magic Priest—and that his organization was trying to cover up the crime!

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