Blasters Special

 B9XK   (DC, 1989)

™ and ©1989 DC Comics

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Writer Peter David performs a minor miracle by taking a bunch of feeble throwaway characters created by DC’s Invasion crossover and combining them with the Justice League’s old mascot Snapper Carr to forge the most eccentric super-team yet. Finding that none of the genetically altered humans can find a purpose on Earth, they hook up with a spacefaring cat-woman and head off for adventures in the outer galaxy. The Blasters won’t be to everyone’s taste with lots of in-jokes, comedy clichés and breaking of the fourth wall, but the light tone of the comic is a pleasant bubblegum read. Fry and Campanella’s art remains just the right side of cartoonishness to retain its appeal. ~HS

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 Peter DavidJames W. Fry III