Licensable Bear

    (About, 2003-2007)
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Licensable Bearô is just that. Heís a cute and cuddly stuffed bear who is out to license his name and image. The perfect world, he envisions, is one that would have his smiling face on everything from beer to currency.

But donít accuse Licensable Bearô of being mercenary. Sure, heíll take his cut, but his motivations are pure. He wonít attach his name to junk. When you see Licensable Bearô on a product, itís more than just a decoration; itís an endorsement.

Heís not without competition, however. The likes of Marketable Mooseô and the evil Unlicensed Bear threaten to cut into his cute widdle profit margin.

This comic book is like nothing else. And then you come to the ad for the website, where you can purchase Licensable Bearô mugs and the like. Like a cartoon and toy line launched simultaneously, the reader canít tell the chicken from the egg. Is the merchandise based on the comic book or is it the other way around? Oddly, this seems to ground the comic bookís storyline in reality.

A variety of hands provide the art, with a variety of results. Love it or hate it, Licensable Bearô is an experience.

ó Jack Abramowitz

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2 copies available from $1.99
 Nat GertlerMark Lewis, Filip Sablik, Rusty Haller, Nat Gertler, Tone Rodriguez, Mark Dos Santos, Alex Grecian


2 copies available from $2.50
B&W; ca. 2005Nat GertlerNat Gertler, Dave Lanphear, Eric Erbes, Ryan Estrada, Filip Sablik, Rusty Haller


2 copies available from $3.99
B&W; ca. 2006Nat GertlerEric Erbes, Rusty Haller, Hugo Salvatierra, Nimrod Reshef, Gibson Twist, Nat Gertler, Jett Atwood, Sarah Gertler


2 copies available from $325.00
B&W; ca. 2007Nat GertlerJett Atwood, Jim MacQuarrie, Ryan Estrada, Rusty Haller, Mark Lewis