Wulf the Barbarian

    (Atlas, 1975)
™ and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

Young Prince Wulf rode with his parents that fateful day. Out on his first hunt, he and his family were ambushed by a huge force of trolls. When the king fell, Wulf’s mother gave the prince to a trusted retainer and sword master, who somehow managed to break free and get the boy to safety. Looking back over his shoulder, the boy caught a final glimpse as his mother was murdered by a troll he has grown to call “the Grinner.” Wulf swore a blood oath that day that he would have his revenge.

Arriving in the town of Azerbajia, the sword master relentlessly schooled the boy in the art of combat. Eventually the boy grew to become a skilled warrior. He was finally discovered by trolls sent by the dark wizard, Mordek Mal Moriak. That gave Wulf a chance to fulfill part of that oath by killing the Grinner. But Wulf would not rest until the sorcerer behind it lay dead under Wulf’s sword.

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Origin of WulfLarry HamaLarry Hama


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Hama/Janson; Art assists by Neal Adams, Wally Wood and Ralph ReeseLarry HamaLarry Hama, Neal Adams, Ralph Reese, Ed Davis, Wally Wood, Bob McLeod, Pat Broderick, Vincente Alcazar, Paul Kirshner, Jack Abel


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Indicia says JulySteve Skeates, Leo SummersLeo Summers


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Jim Craig artMike FriedrichJim Craig