Transformers: Aspects of Evil

    (Titan, 2005)

A digest edition collecting some of the best black and white stories from Marvelís United Kingdom series of Transformers. Stories from Simon Furman and the art of various artists jump all over history as the saga of the Autobots unfold.

It was 1984 when Hasbroís Transformers hit the Marvel Comics stable of comic book tie-ins. A popular toy which transformed from a regular car, boat or plane into a hard hitting robot from a faraway world, the Transformers were divided into good and evil: the life-respecting Autobots and the power-hungry Decepticons. In the United States, the popularity of Transformers has come and gone again and again while in the U.K., the series seems to have developed a fairly steady following over the years.

ó Ron Black

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Collects black and white stories from The Transformers #223-227, 251-254, 235-239Simon FurmanJeff Anderson, Andrew Wildman, Simon Coleby, Staz Johnson, Cam Smith, Geoff Senior