Street Poet Ray (Blackthorne)

    (Blackthorne, 1989)
™ and ©1989 Foxworthy Inc.

A collection of one-page, comic-strip poems by Mike Redmond, each featuring four simply drawn panels captioned by two lines of verse. No subject is too big, or small, for the eight-line poems, which tackle both heavy issues, like domestic abuse and AIDS, and banal ones, like bad haircuts.

And while a large number of the poems are grim verses dealing with fear and depression (”On your own, really tough; lack of love make life so rough”), some are more lighthearted—but still rich with insight (“Own a house, feel real nice; but beware of hidden price. Day off come, free time gone; spent in yard just mowing lawn”). The art, though sparse, changes subtly depending on the verse: the first example features hollow-eyed characters, while the second is notable for a cheerful house and cute dog. All in all, a thoughtful comic with some genuine wisdom. From Blackthorne Publishing.

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