Blue Moon: A One and a Two

    (Aeon, 1995)
™ and © 1992, 1995 Charlie Wise

Reprinting the first two issues of Blue Moon, this trade paperback introduces Lyssa, an ordinary, plain sort of girl who has recurring pirate fantasies. These visions begin to intrude on her life and soon it seems her parallel existence as a pirate captain on the high seas may be more real than her mundane existence as a single girl trying to make it in the 20th century. But are her friends Larry and Eleanor, who are tinkering with a device improbably named the “discombobulationotron,” responsible for Lyssa’s sudden slips into another reality? And will her feelings for the dashing Allen in that other life lead her to a romantic adventure like no other? Peopled by cartoonish characters with a foot in reality, Blue Moon features attractive artwork in the style of Teri Wood or Phil Foglio but suffers from a slightly discombobulated plot. Perhaps it’s that machine acting up again.

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Collects first two issues of the series; B&WCharlie WiseCharlie Wise