Escape Velocity

    (Escape Velocity, 1986)
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This black-and-white anthology title stars Frajeana, Queen of the Star Pirates, a space-faring heroine—a term she abhors, by the way—who rights wrongs throughout the cosmos with the aid of her psychic rat-friend Ratagascar. This is good, old-fashioned space opera. The back up stories range from the poignant—”Brothers in War”—to the silly—”Tales of the Vacuum Busters.” So, all in all, Escape Velocity is a mixed bag, but Frajeana is worth a look.

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B&W; ca. 1986Richard Becker, Brett Frymire, Michael McLauughlinRichard Becker, Jim Hummel, Michael McLauughlin


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 Brett Frymire, Richard BeckerJim Hummel, Richard Becker