Nina’s New & Improved All-Time Greatest Collectors’ Item Classic Comics

 NNIC   (Dark Horse, 1994)

™ and ©1994 Nina Paley

Nina Paley is back with another wonderful one-shot with an impossibly long name. Her “New & Improved” All-Time Greatest Collectors’ Item Classic Comics was released around Valentine’s Day, 1994, and concentrates on the torturous and funny side of romance.

The collection leads off showing Nina taking her heart for a walk on a leash, and follows up with such features as “Human Cruelty Comix” and “The St. Valentine’s Day Masochist.” These show her poor, excitable heart broken, bombed, squished, chopped, flushed, crucified…and ultimately left begging for more. It’s terribly funny because it’s so true to life.

In addition to the “love” strips, this collection also includes hilarious features on cats, Gary Groth (publisher of the Comics Journal) and the perils of self-publishing. Overall, Paley is one of the most consistently funny people in comix.

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