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In the future of ozone depletion and global warming, plane travel is practically banned. Freight must pass along the intercontinental road known as the C3C, but the Earth is now stuck in endless snow. Can the hot-tempered gypsy trucker Tsagoi and his kid sister survive menacing Mongols, rebellious revolutionaries, and multinational conspiracies?

In this issue, Gipsy goes from the frying pan into the fire. Gun-running and reward hunting is not as simple as it looks, when you’re double-crossed by a beautiful sorceress and a kinky corporate chieftain. Tossed from his rig, Mr. Tough Guy must square off against the Mongols, mammoths, and a motley crew of would-be monarchists.

In this Conan the Barbarian version of Convoy, artist Enrico Marini drives the action at a sure-footed pace. Done before Marini’s SF gothic tale Raptors, Gipsy is more roughly hewn and raunchy, like its hero. Though a few years old in translation, this is a timeless tale of a bare-knuckle brawling, knife-throwing, take-no-prisoners outlaw who gets knee-deep in a world of trouble.

— Oliver Chin

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ca. 2000Thierry SmolderenEnrico Marini


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ca. 2002Thierry SmolderenEnrico Marini