Zombie Boy Rises Again

    (Antarctic, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Mark Stokes

When Senator and Mrs. McCorkindale returned from their vacation on Voodoo Island, their son Morgan traveled in the baggage compartment. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Morgan is strapped to the roof of the car, not unlike a deer carcass. The explanation for this seeming abusive treatment is that Morgan did a little exploring on Voodoo Island and became a zombie.

Much of the humor in this title is based on the total acceptance by his parents and servants of Morgan’s zombie status as inconsequential. Previously Morgan was a typical antisocial, surly eleven-year-old L.A. resident so his undead condition does not alter his behavior significantly.

Zombie Boy Rises Again, published in 1994, was a collection of material that appeared in Zombie Boy #1 and Zombie Boy’s Hoodoo Tales #1 published originally in the late 1980s, just as the boom in black-and-white comics was ending.

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