INVE   (Caliber, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Jay Halpern and Robert De Matteo

Images that recall the disturbing demons of Hieronymous Bosch spring from the pen of a tormented artist amid his verbose ramblings over his lost love, Pamela. He alternately expounds on his desperate sense of loss and then revels in the relief he feels of her abandonment. It is obvious from the contradictory feelings he expresses and his monstrous, unsettling pen and ink drawings that he is not well.

Although it reads as the type of effort that is the product of a single mind, the typewritten verbiage is credited to Jay Halpern and the grotesque artwork belongs to Robert De Matteo. It is the kind of story that Edgar Allen Poe did with much more subtlety in “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

— George Haberberger

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