Billi 99

    (Dark Horse, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Sara Byam and Tim Sale

The rich minority gets richer, while the poor majority sinks further into despair. It is an old story, one that too closely resembles that of our time. But the masses have always held onto belief in a champion, someone who will fight for those that can’t: Robin Hood, Zorro, and in bleak, dismal Sulter City—the Toleado.

Born into a wealthy ’risto family, young Billi has abandoned her family and lifestyle. Her father also chose the plight of the lower classes over his own comfort, fighting back in the guise of the Toleado. But Billi’s father lost his life in his crusade. As Billi searches for her father’s killers, the conflicts between the ‘risto families increases, gang violence continues to grow, and a new killer stalks the impoverished streets. Billi realizes that although her father is dead, the Toleado must live again!

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