Hero Corps

    (Baby Shark, 2005)
™ and © Baby Shark Productions

Picture a world where one out of every one hundred children born have some sort of super ability. Some turn to crime, but many turn to good and help stop the bad guys. The legal heroes belong to the Hero Corps, a police force dedicated to helping stop the problems, though they have their own relationships to deal with.

In “The Rookie”, we are introduced to a world of heroes and villains and the lives they lead. Max Keith was physically and mentally above average, but according to DNA testing, not a super-hero. He was, however, the first normal human to complete courses at the Hero Corps Academy in the hopes that one day, normals and supers could work side by side. But Fate had a different path for Max. After recovering the alien hammer of Norse shot him into the big leagues, nothing short of dismemberment would keep him down.

A look at the lives and heartaches of a world with super-heroes.

— Ron Black

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