Captain Canuck Reborn

 CACR   (Semple, 1993-1994)

™ and ©1993 Richard Comely/Comely Communications, Inc.

When humanitarian Darren Oak discovers that his own brother is behind a plot to take over the world, starting with Canada, he’s left with few choices. His brother’s organization needs to be stopped, but what can one man do against a group able to topple governments? To get his message to the people of Canada, Darren needs to be trustworthy and believable.

The Canadian people need a hero to rally around, a symbol of hope to oppose the terrorists that seek to control their country. What better symbol than Canada’s own comic book sensation, Captain Canuck? In a desperate gamble, Darren creates a costume that will let him become Captain Canuck. By bringing this comic book super-hero into the “real” world, Darren and his allies hope to have the power, and gain the support, necessary to defeat their enemies.

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Cardstock cover; Strip reprints; ca. 1996Richard ComelyRichard Comely, Sandy Carruthers