Deadline (Marvel)

    (Marvel, 2002)
ô and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

ďI hate Capes.Ē

So says Daily Bugle journalist Kat Farrell, who despises her apparently low-rung job covering the exploits of super-heroes. Instead of marveling (pun intended) at the men in tights as they protect New York City and its denizens from costumed criminals and other crazies, she resents their lofty, untouchable, above-the-law status. In the aftermath of a heroic exhibition by The Human Torch, she chides him for torching Union Square Park and cajoles him about the blonde and the bottle of booze she supposedly saw him with the night before. Clearly, Kat canít countenance caped crusaders.

Writer Bill Rosemannís dialogue rings true, and he portrays Kat as a believably likable character with everyday problems. Getting a glimpse at the inner workings of The Daily Bugle is fun, as is watching Katís enthusiasm mount at the prospect of landing a big story (the mysterious deaths of seven super-villains) that could lead to a new position. Greg Hornís photo-realistic cover belies the sketchy interior art by Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre), but the package as a whole is, nevertheless, appealing.

ó Brett Weiss

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