Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear

 GRCF   (Marvel, 1992)

™ and ©1992 Marvel Entertainment Group

Ebenezer Laughton was a psychotic killer who called himself the Scarecrow. The child of a broken home with an alcoholic mother who abused him, he grew into a twisted madman, and longtime foe of Captain America.

As this graphic novel begins, a shadowy organization has taken a special interest in Laughton, and has performed numerous operations on him to increase his strength, and to give him the power to strike unreasoning fear in anyone who comes within twenty feet of him. Soon, this new, “improved” scarecrow is back on the streets, leaving a trail of blood and destruction in his wake.

To battle this psychotic, Captain America joins forces with Ghost Rider. Together, they must overcome their own deepest fears, and somehow bring an end to Scarecrow’s reign of terror.

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NN; Fold-out coverHoward MackieLee Weeks